A nationwide practice of helping
injury victims through their attorneys
Qualified Settlement Fund Services
Don't let defendants
and their insurers
dictate the financial
terms of the claim
-Dick Risk
We are prepared to assist you and your client in the resolution of your
case for purposes of creating a qualified settlement fund (QSF) and to
serve as its court-supervised administrator. Our services include:  

  • Reviewing the settlement agreement and release prepared by the
    defense and providing essential changes to be made for tax
  • Providing a notarized Settlement Trust Agreement  
  • Drafting a motion and order to establish the QSF  
  • Drafting the settlement agreement between the QSF and the
  • Coordinating with the structured settlement producer who
    prepares the qualified assignment(s) and its payment schedule
  • Obtaining a federal tax identification number (EIN) and conducting
    other communications with the IRS, as necessary
  • Opening a fiduciary bank account for the deposit and investment of
    settlement funds until they are distributed pursuant to court order
  • Responding to questions by the plaintiff’s counsel and plaintiff
  • Assisting the plaintiff’s counsel in developing strategies and
    overcoming defense obstacles to settlement
  • Preparing the motion and order to distribute assets of the QSF
  • Filing federal and state income tax returns
  • Providing other services, as appropriate. Our services do not
    anticipate travel or making court appearances, although these are
    negotiable and may require pro hac vice admission
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