After nearly 20 years as a structured settlement producer, experiencing the
same situations that trial attorneys face daily as they seek to protect the
rights of injury victims in settling their claims, Dick Risk began devoting full
time to his law practice, specializing in assisting claimants and their
attorneys in the pursuit of those rights. He is one of the leading advocates
in the country for the rights of claimants to make choices that affect them in
their settlements.

Trial attorneys who are ready to settle their clients’ cases are becoming
increasingly aware of the many pitfalls that await their clients and
themselves in the final details of the settlement—loss of Medicaid
eligibility, Medicare’s right to recover both past and future costs from
settlement proceeds, failure to provide spendthrift protection for the client,
misrepresented settlement values by the defense when future payments
are to be funded by annuities, undisclosed kickbacks to the insurer, etc. No
longer can trial attorneys disavow responsibility for certain aspects of their
clients’ settlement. Increasingly, trial attorneys engage specialists like Dick
Risk to assist them in the final details of their cases.


Dick Risk has been involved in several lawsuits on behalf of claimants and
structured settlement brokers asserting the rights of the injury victim in
choosing how their judgment or settlement proceeds will be invested and
with whom. He is also the editor and publisher of
Structured Settlements
newsletter, which since 1994 has been revealing the darker aspects of the
defense side in settlement transactions. This publication is distributed in
personalized editions by structured settlement producers across the
country to their clients and prospects. He is also a frequent presenter at
statewide trial lawyer association meetings and other plaintiff advocate
organizations such as the Society of Settlement Planners, of which he is a
founding professional member, director
ex officio and chair of its legal

He is admitted to practice law in all state and federal courts in Oklahoma.
His services do not anticipate travel or making court appearances,
although these are negotiable and may require
pro hac vice admission in
the local jurisdiction.

He does not purport to know state statutes, rules, customs and common
law pertinent to transactions in jurisdictions where he is not admitted. His
review and comments will be focused on federal tax law relevant primarily
to sections 104, 130, 5891 and 468B of the Internal Revenue Code. The
Oklahoma Bar Association allows its members to prepare transactional
law documents for execution in other states without pro hac vice
admission, and we presume your jurisdiction also allows this.
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